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Plant-based, vegan, keto, or plain health-conscious, our nut and seed butters are adaptable to suit all types for daily consumption. Create gastronomical delights in the comfort of your own kitchen, and share your culinary creations with us @goodfat.co

Ingredients½ cup cashew butter1 Tbs lemon juice1 Tbs soy sauce2 Tbs nutritional yeast1 tsp smoked paprika½ tsp onion powder1 tsp garlic powder1/8 tsp turmericWater, to desired consistencyCorn chips Whisk/blend all the ingredients till you get the con

Corn Chips with Cheesy Cashew Dip

Preparation Time: 25 mins | Servings: 4Ingredients½ pumpkin, cut in wedges with skin onGlaze:2 Tbs almond butter Buy it here3 Tbs soy sauce2 Tbs honey2 chili padi, slicedTo serve:Roast almonds, choppedCilantro, choppedStepsMix the soy sauce, almond b

Roasted Pumpkin with Chili Almond Glaze

Ingredients1 ripe avocado1 ripe banana¼ cup coconut cream3 Tbs cocoa powder2 Tbs hazelnut butter1 Tbs honeySteps Put all the ingredients into the food processor and blend till smooth. Add honey if you prefer it sweeter. Put in serving glasses and chi

Chocolate Hazelnut Avocado Mousse

Ingredients3 chicken breast, cubed1 onion, chopped2 cloves garlic, chopped1 inch ginger, chopped1 can crushed tomatoes¼ cup meat curry powder1 tsp turmeric1 Tbs chili powder2 Tbs cashew butterWater, to coverSteps Heat up oil in a pot and then add in

Chicken Cashew Curry

Ingredients1 can chickpeas, drained¼ cup olive oil1 clove garlic½ lemon, juice2 Tbs almond butter1 tsp smoked paprikaSalt & pepper, to tasteSteps Put everything in a blender or processor and blitz till smooth. Add extra lemon juice or olive oil if yo

Almond Butter Hummus

Ingredients2 chicken breasts, cut into nugget size½ cup flour mixed with garlic powder, paprika and salt1 egg, beaten1 bowl cornflakes, crushed to crumbsAlmond garlic sauce:2 Tbs almond butter1 Tbs rice vinegar1 tsp sesame oil2 tsp soy sauce1 tsp gin

Baked Nuggets with Almond Garlic Dip

½ pack soba noodles, cooked till al-dente and shocked in cold water½ red pepper, sliced lengthwise and roasted¼ pack of silken tofu, cubed1 sheet seaweed, ripped into shreds1 Tbs sesame seeds1 tsp scallions, sliced Miso pumpkin seed butter sauce: 1 T

Soba Noodles with Miso Pumpkin Seed Butter Sauce

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