About us


Every day, we go to work with a purpose to solve one of the biggest problems in the world today – eating right. The messaging out there is confusing; eat less, eat only this, eat at certain hours. The Good Fat Company is not just a name for us, it is our commitment to educate everyone on better living through healthier eating, and eating healthier means making better food choices, knowing what your food is made of, to determine whether it is good or bad for you.

Our products hold to one main principle and that is quality. If you’ve held one of ours in your hands, you’ll know what we mean – from the integrity of our ingredients, our preparation process, to packaging that cares for the environment; we strive to never compromise on the big Q.

Our current artisanal range consists of 14 variants of nut and seed butters – with more launching in the coming months, a premium selection of stone-ground ingredients, that will easily infuse a dose of good fats into our customers’ diets. 

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