Why Stone-Ground?

Stone grinding, takes a longer time in comparison to steel grinding, but slow and steady proves to be the winning method, as there are many benefits:

  • The slow, massaging process breaks down the nuts and seeds down to its cell walls at low temperatures, allowing its complete nutrition to be digested when it is consumed.
  • Higher temperatures used in commercial steel grinding processes can not only destroy sensitive vitamins, but may result in oxidation and rancidity which reduces quality.
  • Stone grinding releases the natural oils and distributes them uniformly throughout, creating a wonderfully smooth and creamy finish which retains the natural proportions of the nuts and seeds.
  • To compensate for the lack of this creamy finish, many commercially produced nut butters are made using added oils.
  • Stone-ground nut and seed butters can be used as spreads as well as dips, and included as a cooking ingredient in all types of recipes without any ‘grittiness’.
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